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Dr Harry Swatson

Dr Swatson P2Dr. Harry SWATSON is one of the five champions of the African Poultry Network and a member of the steering committee.  He lives in South Africa.

He is currently working at the Cedara College of Agriculture of the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs (KZN DAEA).

This Unit provides structured Agricultural Training which is responsive to the needs of both the developing and commercial agricultural sectors.  This includes accredited poultry skills programs and short courses along the whole poultry value chain.  The target groups include but are not limited to beneficiaries of Land Care, Invasive Alien Plant Control, Food Security, Corridor Massification, Indigenous Livestock Rehabilitation and Mushroom programs.  Other targeted groups include youth (in- and- out of school ), people living with disabilities, women, women or child headed households, people living with or affected with HIV/AIDS, and developing or Commercial farmers. These groups are empowered by assisting them to acquire the required skills, knowledge, attitude and experience enabling them to take greater ownership of Agricultural Development.  Harry actively participates and supports multidisciplinary/multi-stakeholder agricultural education/training, research and development teams. Evidenced by involvement in the GCP/RAF/412/SAF capacity building for South African Professionals’ in the field of Agriculture and Food Security in KwaZulu-Natal, the Nuffic Visual Problem Appraisal program on Rural Livelihoods in KwaZulu-Natal and the Freely Ranging Indigenous Poultry Research, training and Community engagement program.  He is also actively involved in the FAO TeleFood Program (Campaign against hunger project ) in KZN.  This project seeks to support the capacity of the resource poor and vulnerable families to improve upon their freely ranging indigenous chicken (FRIC) production, increase their household protein food security, and generate cash income for a more sustainable livelihood.

Dr. Harry Swatson

Cedara College of Agriculture
PB X6008, Hilton 3245
South Africa

Tel:     +27 33 3425520
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