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Dr Rosa Costa

RosaDr. Rosa COSTA is one of the five champions of the African Poultry Network and a member of the steering committee.  She is currently working with the Kyeema Foundation/ Int. Rural Poultry Centre and based in Mozambique.

Rosa joined the KYEEMA Foundation in 2009 after working for several years at the National Veterinary Research Institute in Mozambique. KYEEMA Foundation is a small organization focusing on small, gender-sensitive, targeted projects that build capacity both within communities and government services. The foundation works mostly with Newcastle Disease vaccine production and implementation of vaccination programs with community vaccinators in village chickens. Though avian influenza and H1N1 have dominated the news for the last few years, many other serious diseases can affect chickens. Newcastle disease, can wipe out entire flocks of chickens and can spread from farm to farm, and constitutes a serious problem in rural farmers in sub-Saharan Africa.
In Mozambique 70 to 95 % of rural households keep one or more species of poultry. It makes up about 80 % of poultry stocks in low-income food-deficit countries and provides high-quality food that improves the nutritional status and health of household members. In countries like Mozambique, with high percentage of stunted children, 44 per cent of children under the age of five are stunted due to chronic illness and poor diet, village chicken production is particularly important.

In the villages, Rosa usually works with community leaders who help to identify people who are well respected in the community to be community vaccinators, who then receive training. The vaccinators aren’t compensated by the foundation, but they can make a small profit from each bottle of vaccination. Typically, women are chosen as vaccinators. Not only because they tend to stay in the villages more than men, but the money they earn usually does much more to help the family because they use it to buy food or schoolbooks for their children.
Because more birds are surviving after vaccinations, Rosa also works with farmers to address other production constraints such as nutrition, housing and general flock management.

Dr Rosa Costa
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